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Level 3 - Personal Acquisition Search

Whether you are an investment group, an individual who will be an owner/operator, or an established company looking to grow through acquisition, allow Midwest Group to search and engage companies that match your investment criteria regardless if they are knowingly for sale or not.  This service is geared at finding excellent acquisition targets that are not actively for sale.  Complete our form to learn more.

MIdwest Group can take the hassle, frustration, and confusion out of buying a business.  We work with buyers to narrow their search by geography, interest, background, and, of course, affordability.  We gather information on listed companies on your behalf, saving you countless hours, calls, and emails.  More importantly, when you do find a business we are with you every step of the way, from initial visit, to developing an offer, negotiation, due diligence, and closing.  Our service levels are flexible based on your situation.  Three standard levels are described below.  All services can be tailored to your specific needs.  Be confident when buying a business by having Midwest Group take you through the process..

Level 2 - Search Specific

This is our most popular offer.  If you've looked online and found some business for sale ads that might interest you, but you aren't sure the best way to approach the seller or broker then let Midwest Group's professionals engage on your behalf.  We will refine your search and targets, contact the sellers, gather information, as well as include all of the services in Level 1.  Complete our form to learn more

Buying a business without an intermediary can be a frustrating experience.  Let Midwest Group reduce the complexity and faciliate finding the right match for you.

Buying a Small Business with Midwest Group

Level 1 - Company Specific

This level of service is for the buyer who has identified and had preliminary contact with a business that is known to be for sale.  Perhaps an employee or single partner looking to takeover ownership.  Midwest is ready to help you disseminate information, develop an offering strategy, negotiate, and assist you through the due diligence process.  Complete our form to learn more.