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acq_mazeSomeone once quipped “no one has ever shrank themselves to greatness.”  In business, one of the most tried and true ways to grow is through acquisition.  If you have explored acquisitions in the past you know that one of your most valuable assets - time - is constantly wasted while in acquisition stage:  waiting for encouraging opportunities to come to market; waiting to receive preliminary information on a company; waiting for the next opportunity to come to market once you’ve passed on the one prior.  Engage Midwest Group to conduct a search on your behalf - using the criteria that you specify.  We deliver results - multiple companies for your consideration, in a predetermined period of time.  Our affordable search program consist of five segments, we call them the Five C’s.

Criteria - Midwest Group works with you to understand your current business model, your business culture, and your goals.  From this we mutually agree on what the key acquisition criteria are, including strategic planning, industry, geography, sales & profitability, retention of plant and/or management, etc.

Conducting the Search - Based on your criteria, we plug into various databases, ask referrals, and network to find a manageable number of company targets.

Contact Targets - Contact is made with each targeted company.  What is key is that this contact is made confidentially.  Your identify is shrouded, and the overtures to the company are made in a confidential manner so as to not affect their operations.  Through probing and follow-up Midwest Group will be able to ascertain whether a target is ready to enter the next phase.

Construction - This key facet accomplishes two important goals.  First, once confidential discussions begin in earnest Midwest Group can ferret through the necessary information to help our clients determine is the target does, in fact, meet the acquisition criteria initially laid out.  Second, this information is used as the basis for negotiation to construct a deal.  Not only to make an enticing, although prudent offer, but also to structure the transaction to be beneficial to all parties.  “Win-win” deals are the ones that reach the final step.

Closing - Once price and terms have been established, a closing needs to take place to transfer the business assets and/or interests.  Midwest Group will help you confidently navigate this maze so are are best prepared for post-closing operations.

Midwest Group is ready to work on your behalf.  Contact us today for a no obligation, no cost consultation.

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