Advisory Boards

Midwest Group Advisory Boards

        • Participation is Free
        • Peer to Peer
        • Industry Related
        • Investment Opportunity

Midwest Group’s Advisory Boards are an alternative to establishing a formal board of directors.  The central objective of this program is to “make a difference.”

Owners and key decision makers of private companies meet to address problems and through collaborative discussion with other advisory board members find solutions and strategies to advance their respective businesses.  This instructive and empowering atmosphere allows members to freely present issues and receive practical, real world advice from the collective experience of the board.

Most importantly, communication between board members allows the entire board the opportunity to advance their businesses more quickly and seize opportunities more adroitly.  The overall goal of this program is growth.  A board of peers helps focus the business owner on accelerating corporate growth and implementing specific strategies and tactics to cost effectively and efficiently accomplish that objective.

These group sessions are usually comprised of no more than six members who are or have faced the same or similar business issues.  This program is all about setting and meeting objectives with the help of properly aligned individuals who are interested in growth and development.  This board approach is extremely helpful in building each member’s network and strategic alliances; a benefit that last the rest of members’ lives.  Call or e-mail to find out more about this invaluable, free program.

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