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Often times the owner of a business can grow the company only to a certain point.  For the company to expand further the help and resources of a financial partner are required.  This is where Midwest Group may help.

Being comprised of principals and members who all possess business ownership and management experience, Midwest Group can act to attract funds for expansion, or, periodically, will entertain entering into a capital partnership with an ongoing concern to achieve the mutual goal of growth.business_partner

We are very thoughtful and prudent when choosing vehicles for partnership, and our approach is unique and personal.  Our team commits funds to the deal, and draws on its experience to help a business execute a growth plan.  This equity infusion creates a unified front to achieve results over the long-term.  Our group has dedicated members who are committed to solving key issues, and developing, implementing, and executing the strategic steps necessary for growth while maintaining a strict adherence improving operating efficiencies and expanding cash-flow.  In short, we align the interests of Midwest Group with that of the company.

The real-world experience of our principals make the Midwest Group team an excellent and effective partner.  Our creativeness, contacts, and knowledge of the overall marketplace is an added value that creates a synergy to attain our common interest: taking the business to new heights.

Additionally, Midwest Group works with Private Equity Firms and Sponsors that are looking for high quality investments and management teams.  Midwest will take your stated investment criteria and scour the marketplace seeking worthy partners.  Working with all parties, we facilitate workable deal structures for all involved.  Learn more about how we partner with others by reading our Opportunity Network page.

Midwest Group is open to considering opportunities in markets and businesses where there is excellent ownership/management in place, and a demonstrated opportunity for growth organically or through targeted diversification.  If you are an investor or business owner and are in need a strategic partner to locate and/or manage a growth vehicle, or an individual or firm looking to find attractive opportunities for placements, contact Midwest Group and we’d be happy to discuss your situation and vision.

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