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One of the most daunting problems facing both small business owners and buyers looking to purchase a business is the difficulty of obtaining financing in today’s environment.  Midwest Group has partnered with Turning Point Capital offering a range of solutions to solve your business’s financing needs.  Turning Point Capital is a commercial finance firm focused on understanding a business’s short, medium, and long-term financing needs and crafting solutions individually tailored to meet them. Our broad commercial finance product portfolio allows us to offer solutions to a diverse group of businesses across many industries.  Below is a sample of the various types of lending options available.

Private Equity Funds:  We deal with Private Equity Groups as well as high net worth individuals who periodically are willing to inject capital for an opportunity that meets their investment parameters.

Commercial Real Estate:  Banks aren’t the only source of funds when it comes to real estate.  We work with asset backed lenders financing transactions that may not fit with a bank because they are time sensitive or the real estate asset is in need of rehabilitation or repositioning.

Accounts Receivable Financing/Factoring:  We understand the short term working capital needs many small businesses face.  If you’re selling products or services to other creditworthy businesses, accounts receivable financing or factoring is an off balance sheet solution to increase working capital.

Purchase Order Financing:  If you need help funding the import, export, or production of merchandise that you sell in advance, purchase order financing may be the answer. Purchase order funding can be used to fund 100% of the cost of the goods that you have already sold, helping you to build inventory and fill orders without sucking up cash.

Lines of Credit:  We can help businesses obtain LOCs for short term working capital needs.  Also, buyers with adequate equity in their homes can use a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) to finance an acquisition.  This greatly streamlines the loan application process, as well as offering the buyer much greater flexibility in paying back the borrowed funds.

SBA Funding:  We offer several SBA backed funding options for business, including the Express, 7(a), and 504(c) programs.  These programs are designed to assist the business owner, or in the case of the 7(a) product the owner or an acquirer, in the growth of the business.  Some of the products provide short term working capital, while others are for longer term investments in the company or to acquire an existing business.

Equipment Leasing:  Equipment Leasing is an excellent option for small business owners to grow their business.  Unlike a typical loan, equipment leasing does not require the long and tedious application process and often can provide for 100% financing.  If you need new equipment consider preserving your working capital by leasing.

Retirement Funds:  Did you know you can use your 401(k) or IRA to fund a business acquisition?  Let Midwest Group explain how this works, and what steps you need to take.

Tax Deferred Installment Sales:  This private funding allows many deals to get done by allowing the buyer a more streamlined loan application process and positioning the seller to be able to defer the tax obligation on a good portion of the proceeds from the sale of his or her business.  Midwest Group can help put together a package that maximizes the benefit to both the buyer and the seller.

Note Reselling/Hypothecation:  In small business ownership transactions it is quite common for a seller to hold a note from the acquirer.  There are occasions when, after a period of time, the seller would prefer to receive a lump sum rather than continued installment payments.

To learn more, please visit Turning Point Capital today or contact them at 888-510-0368 or via email at

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