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Working with Midwest Group means keeping your independence, and being part of a successful network and team.

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Midwest Group is actively looking for professionals to join our team.  If you have an industry expertise, are an experienced broker, or work in a field that directly benefits business owners then consider teaming up with Midwest Group.  Many brokers, service providers, or investors operate independently. But they are all face the same hurdles of building a bridge of activity.   Instead, why not harness the power of the Midwest Group network, and work with pros who are dedicated to the needs of business owners before, during, and after ownership exchanges.

We offer a very attractive fee sharing program.  Our system and structure allows professionals to make more money with Midwest Group than operating as in a small shop or as an independent.

Contact us today to explore what synergies exist between Midwest Group and you, and how joining our team can be professionally and economically beneficial.

Call (630) 325-8080 and use extension 25 or simply fill our our contact form here.

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