Sell Your Business

Selling Your Business

Each year close to one million businesses transfer ownership.  Most of these are small companies selling for $100,000 to $12,000,000.  These small companies are comprised of privately held corporations, sole-proprietorships, and family owned businesses with annual revenues from $300,000 to $20,000,000.  Yet, until an owner actually goes through a merger or acquisition he or she won’t know what to expect or how to proceed.  It is essential that a professional, experienced business broker be brought in to effectively market the company, maintain confidentiality,  and advise the owner throughout the process.  If you’re not ready to sell you should be planning for it now.  If you are then Midwest Group should be your marketer and advisor of choice.  We will guide you through the process and our objective at each step:

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Interested in selling but don’t know how to proceed?          Midwest Group appreciates the need for confidentiality when considering placing your business for sale.  No need to risk upsetting your customers, employees, suppliers, or give your competitors an advantage.  Fill out our brief form below and take advantage of an educational, no-obligation confidential consultation.

An Overview of the Sales Process

What You Can Expect with Midwest Group

  • 1. Initial Meeting with Seller

    Step: Initial Meeting with Seller.  Objective: Create a Foundation of Understanding.  Midwest Group uses our initial meeting to learn about our client and his or her business.  We forge a partnership so we are both working towards the same goal: the sale of your company.  We take the time to educate our client on the mentality of buyers.  Mainly, that a business transfer is likely to be one of the most significant financial decisions a potential buyer will make in his or her lifetime.  Therefore, planning is key to make sure the client’s business is performing at a level attractive to buyers while it is being marketed.

  • 2. Information Gathering
  • 3. Evaluate & Price Business
  • 4. Prepare Offering Summary
  • 5. Confidentially Market Business
  • 6. Screen Prospective Buyers
  • 7. Qualify Buyer
  • 8. Reinforce Reasons to Buy
  • 9. Offer & Negotiation
  • 10. Due Diligence Review
  • 11. Schedule Closing
  • 12, Follow-up as Required


If you have more questions about the process or would like to set up a no obligation, confidential consultation please complete the form below so we can route your request to the proper person.  ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED IS HELD IN STRICT CONFIDENCE.












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