Small Business Consulting

For Financial, Professional, & Personal Growth

Our Mission

To work with like-minded individuals focused on financial, professional, and personal growth through business acquisitions and the implementation of proven and practical strategies.  Learn more about how we invest by reading our Capital Partnerships page.

acquisition mazeMidwest Group wants business owners to succeed.  To this end, through our broad network of professionals we can facilitate the process for business owners wishing to work with an experienced and certified professional business consultant/coach.  These consultations are tailored around the business owner’s needs.  They can be issue oriented, for a business that is working through a current problem that is preventing the company moving forward.  Or, they can be more strategic in nature, helping the owner to crystalize his/her business’s overall environment and plot a course for the future.  This includes making preparations to arrange an orderly exit from the business in the future.

Professional business consultants/coaches work through both 1-on-1 sessions and small business owner group sessions.  All sessions are strictly confidential.

What are the top reasons business owners are drawn to this service?

  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Value
  • Accelerate Change
  • Drive Results
  • Manage Talent

Find out more by contacting us today and choosing “Coaching” in the drop-down box.

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