Turnaround Consulting

Business Turnaround Consulting

Is your business in decline?  Are you facing mounting debt with pressure from your creditors?  Is your business plan no longer working, and you’re witnessing declining sales, shrinking margins, or expenses that are getting out of control?  Consider talking to the Midwest Group’s team of seasoned professionals about our Turnaround Consulting service.

Are services are flat fee, depending upon the scope and breadth of involvement.  Our aim is to give you concrete actions to take to revitalize your business.  There are no ongoing per hour fees so you can be assured our interest is in turning around your company, not padding our billed hours.  Rely on a firm with combined experience of over 200 years in starting, growing, and managing businesses in many different industries.  Our team’s educational background includes three CPAs, two MBAs, and a Strategic Planning Specialist.

The most important part of turning around a business is distilling what the REAL problem is, and having the capacity to identify strategies to overcome it.

Midwest Group will take a systematic approach, in partnership with you, to determine what the real issues are facing your business, identify what the most profitable aspects of your business are going forward, and developing actionable solutions for you to implement.  Our flat fee services may comprise anything from lease re-negotiation to a detailed SWOT analysis and strategic plan development.

Our services include any or more of the following:

Concept Foundation and Brand Atrributes

Margin Performance

Labor Productivity and Cost

Service Performance

Vendor Relations

Human Resource Management

Marketing Review

Lease Negotiations

Follow On Coaching and Mentoring


Is turnaround consulting cheap?  No, but using our approach is much more affordable than you might think.  There are no long-term contracts and the process starts with a simple phone call to exchange some information.  After that would be a complimentary meeting to discuss your needs and how our team of experienced professionals can help.  We will then put together a proposal of services based on your specific needs and situation.  To find out more or to start the process click here and fill out our Contact Form with “Turnaround Consulting” selected in the ‘Interested in’ field.

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Many business owners are forced to take a hard look at their forecast when their current lease is coming due.  Adding to the pressure is that they know they are paying higher lease rates than other tenants in the building.  Let Midwest Group help by taking advantage of our lease renegotiation service.  Use our 25 + years of lease negotiation experience to help you help your bottom line.  Contact us today.

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